Chocolate Holding Tank

The chocolate holding tank is an essential equipment in the chocolate production process. It is used after the correct grinding of chocolate syrup, which allows it to be preserved at the right temperature before being used in production. This product has a function that allows it to decrease and increase temperature, as well as preserve heat and detoxify air—allowing it to dehydrate and prevent fat separation in the chocolate pulp.

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Chocolate Holding Tank

What is Chocolate Holding Tank

If you’re making chocolates, you need the proper equipment to ensure your products are of the highest quality. A chocolate holding tank is one piece of equipment that can make or break your chocolate-making experience.

A chocolate holding tank is specifically designed to store cooled liquid chocolate before it’s further processed into other forms, such as bars and truffles. It works by melting large amounts of solid cocoa mass, then cooling it down so that it turns into liquid form. This process takes up to two hours, depending on the size of your tank and how much cocoa mass you need to melt. The tank comes with a built-in temperature control system so that you can monitor the process while keeping an eye on the temperature. Once melted, the liquid chocolate stays inside the holding tank until needed for further processing.

♦ The main advantage of using a chocolate holding tank is that it helps maintain an even flow of chocolate throughout your production process. With enough liquid chocolate readily available, you won’t have to worry about your production line grinding to a halt due to a lack of raw materials or ingredients.

♦ Additionally, since all equipment used in production is kept clean at all times, there will be no risk of contamination from outside sources or microbial growth inside the tanks. This ensures that you always get high-quality chocolates every time!

♦ Moreover, these tanks come equipped with powerful vacuum pumps for optimal circulation and efficient cooling systems for precise temperature control—features that will save time and money and help improve product consistency and quality.

Technical Parameters

ModelMax Capacity(L)Motor power(kW)Weight(KG)Outside dimension(mm)
CBW500050007.53000Ф 2200*2250
CBW300030005.52000Ф 1900*2150
CBW2000200031500Ф 1700*2100
CBW100010002.21000Ф 1220*1850
CBW5005001.5600Ф 1000*1380
CBW3003001.5200Ф 900*1250
CBW2002001.1180Ф 800*1150
CBW1001001.1150Ф 650*950
CBW50500.5580Ф 450*750

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