Oats Chocolate Production Line

This Oats Chocolate Production Line has a PLC interface control, simple operation, and automatic ejection. It mixes the crumbly granule, peanut granule, and sesame equably before depositing them in the mold to make natural bars with various geometrical patterns. The machine has a cooling tunnel as well.

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Oats Chocolate Production Line

What is Oats Chocolate Production Line?

An Oats Chocolate Production Line is a complete system that helps to produce high-quality chocolate products. It consists of several components, such as a heating unit, cooling unit, mixing chamber, and cutting machine. This type of production line can be used for producing high-grade chocolates for both commercial and personal use.

An Oats Chocolate Production Line consists of several components that work together efficiently to produce high-quality chocolates for commercial and personal use. From heating units to cooling units, mixing chambers, and cutting machines, each component is vital in ensuring that your final product meets industry standards while being aesthetically pleasing and delicious!

With its many advantages including cost savings due to efficient production rates as well as higher yields due to precision cuts made by cutting machines – investing in an oats chocolate production line may be just what your business needs!

Product Details

Production Line Technical Parameters

Candy weightaccording to the shape of candy According to the shape of the sugar
Casting speed>40moulds/min >40moulds/mins
Power6kw 4KW
Size12000¡Á2500¡Á1000mm 5000¡Á2500¡Á1000mm
Weightabout 4000kg1500kg

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