Automatic Chocolate Moulding Line

The CJZ275-A Full Automatic Chocolate Moulding Line is an innovative, state-of-the art production approach for flawless chocolate creation.

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Automatic Chocolate Moulding Line

What is Chocolate Moulding Line

With the growing demand for chocolates, having an efficient production line is becoming increasingly important. An automatic chocolate moulding line can help you to increase your production and reduce waste while improving the quality of your product.

An automatic chocolate moulding line is a fully automated production system designed to streamline the process of making chocolates from start to finish. It consists of several machines capable of performing specific tasks such as cutting, mixing, filling, and cooling. The system can be programmed with specific recipes and settings so that you can quickly switch between different products or adjust for seasonal changes in demand.

  • 1. Our chocolate moulds come in a standard size of 280x200mm with a chain-holding part or other sizes per your design.
  • 2. You can fill the moulds with any quantity from 3 to 15g of chocolate or other weights, depending on the design of your mould.
  • 3. We use 32-bit pistons for our one-shot technology, which allows you to adjust the number and size of holes on your moulds to suit your needs.
  • 4. A heat cycle insulation system ensures that temperature control is automatic so you don’t need to monitor it too much time.
  • 5. Our machines are completely automatic and require less labor than traditional methods while saving space too!

CLM 80 Technical Parameters

Production capacity100~180kg/h
Speed of stroke ( n/min)10~15
Electric power needed65kW/380V/50HZ
Compressed air consumption0.5m3/min
Compressed air pressure0.2-0.4MPa
Conditions needed for the cooling system: 1.Room temperature℃20~25
Conditions needed for the cooling system: 2.Humidity (%)55
Dimension(LxWxH mm)25000 x1500 x1800

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