Fully Automtic Popping Boba Production Line

The fully Automatic Popping Boba Production Line is perfect for popping boba manufacturers. It is a completely automatic system that can produce up to 1800kg of popping boba per hour. The system is easy to use and maintain and comes with all the necessary safety features. With this production line, you can easily increase your production capacity and meet the growing demand for popping boba. Order today and start enjoying the benefits of this high-quality product line.

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Fully Automtic Popping Boba Production Line

What is Fully Automtic Popping Boba Production Line

Fude has developed an advanced, high-output, and high-quality fully automatic popping boba production line. The latest PLC program and touch screen are simple to use and offer precise control over the size of the boba. The full line of SUS304 stainless steel is customizable and includes engineering support for workshop planning and factory installation.

Shanghai SINOFUDE Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. is an industry leader in fully automatic popping boba production lines, chocolate machines, biscuit/cookie machines, and other popular food machines like popping boba machine, konjac boba machine, marshmallow machine and vitamin gummy machine. Our team has more than 40 years of experience in this field and has exported our products to 60 countries around the world, with 80% of our exports going to Europe and America.

SINOFUDE and SERVO control systems have developed a patented fully automatic popping boba production line, made up of jam hopper, SUS pans, flushing system, and cleaning system. The machines are constructed of stainless steel to meet food hygiene standards, making them widely applicable in milk tea, catering, caviar and other industries.

Technical Parameters

Gross weight200kg2200kg3000kg3800kg

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