Chocolate Coating Pan

SINOFUDE supplies the CBY Series Chocolate coating pan, mainly used for mixing ball shape, grain shape materials, polishing, coating, and other processes in confectionery or pharmaceutical industries.

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Chocolate Coating Pan

What is CLM80 Automatic Gummy Candy Production Line

If you’re looking for a way to make chocolate-covered treats, a chocolate-coating pan may be exactly what you need. This tool is used in confectionery and pharmaceutical industries for mixing ball shape, grain shape materials, polishing, and coating.

It is designed to coat candies with the right amount of chocolate without any mess. The machine evenly coats the material without sticking it together or leaving any excess on the surface.

♦ One of the most attractive features of the chocolate coating pan is that it works quickly and quietly. It runs at low noise levels, so you don’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbors while using it in your kitchen or bakery shop.

♦ Moreover, its unique design allows it to produce uniform results every time since the rotation speed can be easily adjusted according to the material used.

♦ Additionally, this tool is straightforward to clean and maintain with its stainless steel body, preventing rusting or corrosion over time. It also has adjustable feet so that you can adjust its height according to your needs and an easy-to-read digital display for monitoring temperature, speed, and other parameters.

Technical Parameters

Diameter (mm)10001250
Capacity (kg/batch)50-7080-150
Rotary speed (r/min)3228
Motor Power (kW)1.53
Fan Power(kW)0.150.3
Heater Power (kW)23
Shell size (L*W*H)mm1000*1000 *15001250*1200 *1820
Weight (kg)220350
Diameter (mm)200300400
Capacity (kg/batch)125
Rotary speed(r/min)464646
Motor Power(kW)0.370.370.37
Fan Power(W)750750750
Power (kW)
Shell size(L*W*H)mm500*350 *700500*350 *700550*400 *800
Weight (kg)363738
Remark: The fan and heater, speed regulating is optional function in the coating pan.


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