Dough Laminating Machine

Our Dough Laminating Machine utilizes multiple layers of dough to ensure that the biscuit is shaped properly and has an even thickness throughout. With our technology, you can enjoy superior performance with minimal effort.

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Dough Laminating Machine

What is Dough Laminating Machine

Our dough Laminating Machine allows for sheeting the dough with overlapping functions, making sure that your biscuits are always evenly shaped and have consistent thickness throughout. With our advanced laminex technology, you can enjoy superior performance without any hassle or downtime.

Features of the Dough Laminating Machine

The Dough Laminating Machine features an upper carriage, lower carriage, and conveyor belts for both the upper and lower carriage, all of which are equipped with high-precision Schneider Servo motors or other brands of imported Servo motors. The dough sheet thickness can be dynamically adjusted using a Germany BALLUFF precision distance sensor to detect the thickness and adjust accordingly, with both mechanical and software-based protection systems in place. The machine is capable of cutting and laminating dough sheets in 8-12 layers, and the cutting sheet device is controlled by a pneumatic system with an adjustable cutting position. The control panel includes a SIEMENS touchscreen and there is an emergency stop switch for added safety.

Dough Laminating Machine

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Discover the complete solution for our Dough Laminating Machine

Get the best solution for all your biscuit needs with Sinofude's Dough Laminating Machine. Our machine offers complete lamination capabilities, allowing you to shape and roll dough with precise thickness control. With our advanced laminex technology, you can be sure of superior performance without any downtime or wasted time. Discover the complete solution for all your dough lamination needs with Sinofude's Dough Laminating Machine today!

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