Semi-Auto Chocolate Moulding Machine

The cjz-275 multifunctional semi-automatic chocolate moulding machine is a new generation of chocolate food equipment that works well for small and medium-sized food businesses. This machine was made to meet international standards. It can work on its own or with other production lines to make different kinds of chocolate granules and bars, such as pure chocolate granules, chocolate cream, chocolate with chopped nuts, chocolate with two colors, etc.

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CJZ275 Multifunctional Chocolate Molding Machine

What is Semi-Auto Chocolate Moulding Machine

A semi-auto chocolate molding machine is designed to produce high-quality chocolates with consistent shape, texture, size, and weight. It is typically used for larger production runs as it allows for more effortless operation and faster output than manual methods. The machine can be set up with different templates depending on the size and shape of the chocolates being produced. This allows for greater production flexibility, resulting in faster turnaround times and higher output rates.

The use of semi-auto machines has several advantages over manual methods or more traditional machines. For one thing, these types of machines are faster and more efficient than manual methods since they require minimal human input once they have been set up correctly. This saves both time and money while also helping to ensure consistency in every product produced. Additionally, these machines are very easy to operate as they come with intuitive controls that make them simple to learn how to use even for those who are not experienced with operating machinery.

  • 1. Chocolate moulds standard size is 275x175mm, or other size as per design.
  • 2. Chocolate depositing any quantitative scope of regulation from 3-15 g or more as per the mould design.
  • 3. One-step pouring with standard 32-bit pistons, any combination or adjustment of the holes can be made to cast.
  • 4. Heat cycle insulation system to set the temperature control automatically.
  • 5. Chocolate material construction containers.
  • 6. Automatic ejection device can be equipped.

Technical Parameters

Motor Power<4kw
Pouring ability(3-­15g)/holes
Production capacity≤15times/minute
Unit weight500kg.
Machine Dimension3500x600x1400mm

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