CLM 300 Gummy Candy Depositing production line

The CLM 300 Gummy Candy Depositing production line is a complete manufacturing system. It includes an extruder, a forming machine, and a depositing machine, all integrated into one compact unit. This allows for fast, efficient production of high-quality gummy candy. The CLM 300 is perfect for small to medium-sized gummy candy producers who want to increase their production capacity without sacrificing quality or efficiency.

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Gummy Candy Depositing production line

What is CLM 300 Gummy Candy Depositing production line

♦ With its advanced technology and optimized design, this production line is perfect for commercial-scale gummy candy manufacturing.

♦ It allows you to produce various shapes and sizes with maximum efficiency and precision.

♦ The CLM 300 comes with top-of-the-line components, including an ultrasonic cutter, mixture homogenizer, depositing pump, cooling zone, conveyor belt, vibrating sieve, customized molds, and more. It also utilizes cost-effective designs for improved energy savings without compromising overall performance.

♦ Manufacturers can use this production line confidently to ensure high-quality products consistently. With the SinoFude CLM 300 Gummy Candy Depositing production line at your disposal, making delicious gummy treats has never been easier. Buy today for optimal results!

CLM 300 Technical Parameters

Model Capacity(kg/h) Candy weight(g) Machine length(m) Gross weight(kgs)
CLM 300
As per candy size

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