Chocolate Oil Melting Tank

When creating delicious, high-quality chocolate products, a chocolate oil melting tank is an essential part of the process. This machine offers an efficient, cost-effective way to melt, refine, homogenize, and store your product.

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Chocolate Oil Melting Tank

What is Chocolate Oil Melting Tank

This chocolate melting machine can be used for melting cocoa butter and delivering the liquor into the chocolate refiner and conche when equipped with a chocolate delivery pump and flow meter. This series of chocolate melting machines has electric heating and automatic temperature control.

A chocolate oil melting tank, or simply a melting tank, is an essential piece of equipment in producing chocolate-based products. It is used to melt down high-quality, premium chocolate into liquid form for further processing. This can be done quickly and precisely, ensuring that the final product meets the highest standards for taste and quality.

♦ The main advantage of using a chocolate oil melting tank is its ability to rapidly melt down large quantities of high-quality chocolate without sacrificing precision or flavor.

♦ The machine has adjustable temperature controls to heat up your mixture to whatever temperature best suits your recipe. This ensures that you achieve consistent results with each batch you make and helps maintain the same flavor level across all products.

♦ Additionally, having precise temperature control also helps prevent burning or scorching which can lead to taste inconsistencies or even damage your ingredients beyond repair.

  • Digital displays for precise temperature readings;
  • Adjustable thermostats so that the user can adjust the temperature as needed; stainless steel construction for durability;
  • Easy access for cleaning and insulation for energy efficiency.
  • The machine also is designed with safety in mind, such as overheating protection in case someone accidentally sets the temperature too high or leaves it running too long without monitoring it properly.
  • All these features ensure that your melting tank will last long and provide reliable performance every time you use it.

Technical Parameters

Heating Power4kW4kW6kW9kW12kW
Size of MachineDia800x1000mmDia900x1000mmDia1000x1200mmDia1200x1300mmDia1900x1500mm

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