Extruding Type Konjac Ball Production Line

Looking for a production line that can help you make konjac balls? Look no further than our Extruding Type Konjac Ball Production Line!

This line is specifically designed for popping boba manufacturers and offers stable performance and easy operation. It can also produce other types of food like cereal bars, cakes, and biscuits. Contact us today for more information!

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Extruding Type Konjac Ball Production Line

What is Extruding Type Konjac Ball Production Line

The Konjac ball/ agar boba production line is a one-of-a-kind system developed and patented by SINOFUDE. PLC and SERVO technology control this fully automated process, which allows for high accuracy, speed, and quality control.

It is constructed with sturdy stainless steel materials and meets the highest food sanitation standards. The Konjac/agar boba produced by the machinery is perfectly round and available in various colors and flavors, ensuring uniformity in size and weight.

Furthermore, these new healthy items can enhance desserts such as bubble tea, ice cream, juice, cake decoration, or egg tart filling.

Technical Parameters

Konjac Ball weighAccording to ball diameter (Customized from 5~15mm or more)
Power Supply5.5kW7kW8.5kW10kW
Compressed Air0.5M3/min, 0.4~0.6MPa1.2M3/min, 0.4~0.6MPa1.5M3/min, 0.4~0.6MPa2M3/min,
Machine size4500X1200X1850MM4500x1200x1850mm5500x1200x1850mm6500x1200x1850mm
Gross weight1200kg1600kg2500kg2600kg

Features of the Production Line

1) PLC/SERVO process control available;

2) An Touch screen (HMI) is installed for easy operating;

3) The standard production capacity range is from 150 to 1000kgs/h;

4) The main parts is made of hygienic Stainless Steel SUS304, also can be customized to SUS316.

5) Different forming plate for different size konjac ball / agar boba making.

6) User friendly interface and automatic processing available.

Features of the Production Line

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