Sugar Coating Machine

Sinofude manufactures the sugar coating machine to coat candy with sugar or other grains. It is made of stainless steel and has a double-layer rotating drum. This design allows excess sugar to be recycled and reused until all the candy has been coated. The machine can also be equipped with steamers for better coating processes.

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Sugar Coating Machine

What is Sugar Coating Machine

The sugar coating machine is a new invention from SINOFUDE. It coats candy with sugar or grain, making the candy more attractive and delicious.

The sugar coating machine is a newly designed and manufactured piece of machinery by SINOFUDE. It coats the sugar on the starchless formed or mogul line-formed jelly/gummy candy, marshmallow, or other products that need to be coated by sugar or other grains.

The sugar coating machine has several features that make it an excellent choice for candy manufacturers. These features include:

Versatility – The sugar coating machine can be used to coat candies of various shapes and sizes

Fast – The machine is designed to work quickly and efficiently; thus, it can coat large batches of candy quickly

Easy To Use – The machine is easy to use; therefore, there is no need for extensive training or experience before using it.

Low Maintenance Requirements – The machine requires little maintenance throughout its lifetime; this makes it more cost-effective than other types of machines.

Machines Technical Parameters

Model Capacity Power Dimension Weight
Upto 500kg/h
Upto 1000kg/h

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