chocolate coating belt

This chocolate enrobing belt consists of a frame body, worm, screw driving system, stainless steel pan, heater and fan (optional), and a controlling system. A worm wheel and motor drive the pan. Grains roll in the pan due to centrifugal force, which can be used to coat or polish other materials such as chocolate, sugar, glue materials, etc.

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Chocolate Coating Belt

What is a chocolate enrobing belt

Chocolate Enrobing Belts allows for the efficient and even application of chocolate paste to create a delicious and appealing finish.

♦ A chocolate enrobing belt is a machine used in the process of enrobing and coating confectionery products with chocolate paste. It is designed to handle round, oblate, oval, and melon seed-shaped products such as round dried fruits, nuts, etc.

♦ It consists of two components – a conveyor belt with heating elements and a dipping tray that can be adjusted according to the product size. The heating elements are used to temper the chocolate while it is being applied to the product. The dipping tray also adds a glossy finish that gives it an attractive look.

♦ The main advantage of using an enrobing belt is its efficiency in applying consistent amounts of chocolate paste onto each product.

♦ Compared to manual processes like brush-coating or hand-dipping, which can take up much more time and effort, using an enrobing belt ensures that each product receives the same amount of coating in less time.

♦ Furthermore, this type of machine also offers flexibility in terms of temperature settings (which can be adjusted according to different recipes) and speed control so that you can ensure your products are coated evenly without having any excess chocolate on them.

  • 1. Adopts PLC control and can storage all kinds of product formulas.Program control production process.
  • 2. According to different product features, the program can set spray capacity and spray time.
  • 3. Edible grade PU belt. The paste will need a high-speed rotary with a belt function.
  • 4. Electrical weigh automatic weigh
  • 5. Full automatic program control
  • 6. Automatic feeding system mainly consist of a chocolate storage tank(chocolate insulation cylinder), chocolate slurry pump, and stainless steel interlayer insulating pipe.

Technical Parameters

Belt Width 1500mm
Gross power 12 kw
Environment temperature20-25℃
Main Power4KW
Moving Speed30-84Times/Minutes
Weight 1550 kg
ControlPLC control panel
Materialstainless steel


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