Chocolate Chip Machine

Chocolate Chip Machine is for depositing chocolate chips. The chocolate drops/chips can be poured on the conveyor belt directly, and the weight of each drop can also be adjustable.

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chocolate chip machine

What is a chocolate chip-making machine?

The chocolate chip-making machine has a small footprint, low power consumption, low noise, and high efficiency. It is easy to operate and maintain, which can improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs.

The chocolate chips machine is mainly used for depositing chocolate chips on cookie products, cake products, etc.

The material of the line which touches the chocolate is made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy, except the, convey belt is made in PU. The insulation board can also be stainless steel as an option.

  • 1). Adjustable weight for each drop;
  • 2). Adjustable speed for depositing chocolate chips;
  • 3). High efficiency, low cost, and easy to operate;
  • 4). a Material container made of stainless steel 304, durable and rustproof;
  • 5). Easy to change materials in the machine head through the hydraulic system (no need to disassemble);

Technical Parameters

Total Power12kW1818
Machine size (mm)12000*850*160012000*1050*160012000*1250*160012000*1450*160014000*1650*1600
Belt width40060080010001200
Temp. of tunnel(¡æ)0~10

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