Chocolate Conche Refiner Machine

SINOFUDE New Developed The chocolate conche refiner machine is one of the significant pieces of equipment used to grind chocolates. It is also suitable for grinding soybean flour and daily industrial chemicals for high-standard granularity. The average granularity can achieve 20-25 microns in about 16~22 hours.

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Chocolate Conche Refiner Machine

What is Chocolate Conche Refiner Machine

The Chocolate Conche Refiner Machine is a highly specialized piece of equipment designed to refine cocoa beans into delicious chocolate. The machine can produce some of the finest chocolates with its advanced technology and features. Let’s take a closer look at this fantastic machine, its advantages, and its features.

♦ A Chocolate Conche Refiner Machine is an industrial-grade equipment that refines cocoa beans into smooth and flavorful chocolate. It consists of two metal drums filled with rotating blades that grind the cocoa beans into a paste-like consistency before mixing them with other ingredients such as sugar, milk powder, lecithin, etc.

♦ This mixture is heated and stirred to blend all the ingredients together for up to 16-22 hours until it takes on the desired texture and flavor profile.

♦ The benefits of using a Chocolate Conche Refiner Machine are numerous. First and foremost, it produces some of the highest quality chocolates available since it ensures that all ingredients are blended properly without damaging the cocoa beans or other ingredients.

♦ Additionally, this type of machine also reduces production time significantly since it can process large batches in just a few hours compared to days or weeks with traditional methods.

♦ Furthermore, these machines also help reduce waste because they use less energy than manual methods due to their automated capabilities.

♦ Finally, one significant advantage this type of machine has over traditional methods is that it does not require additional labor costs as all processes are automated from start to finish – making them much more cost-efficient for businesses looking to increase production efficiency while reducing overhead costs.

Technical Parameters

Maximum capacity(L)5001000
Grinding Fineness(micron)20~2520~25
Main Axle Rotating Speed(rpm)3335
Grinding time(h)16~2216~22
Main motor power(kW)1518.5
Electrical heating power(kw)56
Outside dimensions(mm)2100×1860×12802827×1280×1520
Maximum capacity(L)20003000
Grinding Fineness(micron)20~2520~25
Main Axle Rotating Speed(rpm)3535
Grinding time(h)16~2216~22
Main motor power(kW)4255
Auto tighten power (kW)1.11.1
Tighten styleElectric tighten
Water pump power(kW)0.50.5
Electrical heating power(kw)99
Outside dimensions(mm)3320×2000×19504200×2000×1950

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