Automatic Starch Mogul Line

This is an automatic gummy candy production line designed for gummy candy manufacturers. It is a high-speed, efficient and reliable machine that can produce up to 80 kg of gummy candies per hour. With this machine, you can produce various gummy candies in different shapes and sizes. It is easy to operate and requires minimal maintenance. So if you are looking for a high-quality, automated gummy candy production line, the CLM80 is a perfect choice.

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Automatic Starch Mogul Line

What is Automatic Starch Mogul Line

The Automatic Starch Mogul Line enables comprehensive and efficient production of starch-based confectionary products. This automated system can be configured to meet different production needs, from large-scale high-volume runs to smaller batch runs. It comes with a range of features such as automated systems for feeding, forming, cutting, cooling, and more—allowing for shorter processing times, higher output quality, and improved overall product consistency.

The CLM-S300A/800A Full-Automatic Starch Mogul Line is tailor-made to meet the requirements of mid-to-large scale production with full automation. This advanced production line incorporates innovative technology to deliver starch mold jelly/gummy candies that are cooked, formed, deposited, de-starched and dried in a streamlined manner. Each unit can be customized according to specific needs when it comes to automation and capacity needs—ensuring maximum efficiency and high-quality production output.

The automatic starch mogul line can make single color, two color up and down, two color side by side, multi color (optional) starch jelly candy or gummy candy, controlled by PLC and Servo (option), the high-quality products can be made by this machine.

The Features of the Automatic Starch mogul line:

  • Automatic control system with touch screen, easy to operate.
  • The entire process is fully automatic from feeding to end product discharge.
  • High quality and low noise design.
  • With servo motor speed adjusting system for better production efficiency.

Automatic Starch Mogul Line Technical Parameters​

Capacity( kg/h)Upto 300Upto 800
Rated Speed (n/min)10~3010~30
Weight of each candies(g):As per the candy size
Electric power18kw/380V95kw/380V
Steam requirement300kg/h, 6bar800kg/h, 8bar
Compressed air requirement200CBM/hr, 6bar400CBM/hr, 6bar
Gross weight ( kgs)Approx.6500Approx.16500

Finished product display

Discover the complete solution for our Automatic Starch Mogul Line

The Automatic Starch Mogul Line provides a comprehensive and efficient solution for the production of starch-based confectionery products. This automated system features integrated systems for feeding, forming, cutting, cooling, and more, allowing for enhanced output quality, and processes that are both faster and easier to manage. With its user-friendly interface, this line is an ideal choice for all types of starch mogul line needs – from large-scale high-volume runs to smaller batch runs.

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