Chocolate Enrobing Machine

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Chocolate Enrobing Machine

What is Chocolate Enrobing Machine?

Are you considering investing in an enrobing chocolate machine for your business? Enrobing chocolate involves coating candy or other food items with a layer of chocolate. This process can be done by hand, but an automated machine can make the job much quicker and easier.

A chocolate enrobing machine is an automated device that coats food products with a thin layer of melted chocolate or other coating material. These machines are designed to quickly and efficiently apply the coating material over large batches of food products without any human intervention. They are usually made up of several components including an enrober head, conveyor belt, heating element, and cooling system.

  • 1. Our chocolate enrober machine is mainly for small chocolate stores or labs in a chocolate factory, where the operation area is small.
  • 2. With movable wheels, easy to move, Customers can see the chocolate-making procedure in-store.
  • 3. Motor is strong, and the machine can continue working for 12 hours.
  • 4. Machines are made of SUS304 stainless steel material, with thicknesses from 1.5mm to 3.0mm
  • 5. The conveyor uses an imported food-grade PU belt.

Chocolate Enrobing Machine Technical Parameters

Capacity8Kg melting pot15Kg melting pot30Kg melting pot60Kg melting pot
Convey power180W180W370W550W
Metal belt size180*1000MM180*1000MM180*1200mm300*1400mm
PU belt200*1000MM200*1000MM200*2000mmCustomized

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