Vacuum Batch Type Cooker

Look no further than the industry-leading Vacuum Batch Type Cooker for all your gummy-candy manufacturing needs! This powerhouse machine is designed with heavy-duty materials and the latest technology to ensure the highest quality of gummy candy mass.

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Vacuum Batch Type Cooker

What is Vacuum Batch Type Cooker

Sinofude designed and manufactured a vacuum batch-type cooker for cooking high-quality gummy candy mass, allowing fast cooking under a vacuum. This cooker is equipped with steam jackets or electrical heating with thermal oil, producing an even heat distribution and avoiding burning during the cooking process. It also has rotating speed-adjusted scrapers that help avoid burning during cooking.

Our dependable cooker can produce up to 2 tons of product every hour with enough accuracy and speed to meet even the most demanding production needs.

The vacuum-contained environment maximizes heat consistency throughout, so you get unparalleled results every time.

Plus, this system requires a minimal workforce – meaning fewer labor costs for your business. Cheap maintenance, low energy consumption, and easy installation are just a few other great features you can expect from our state-of-the-art equipment.

Make sure you take advantage of this unique offering and make it part of your equipment arsenal today! The Vacuum Batch Type Cooker is ready to equip you with unbeatable power and convenience – so don’t miss out!

Technical Parameters

Model Capacity Weight of Each Batch Rotary Speed

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