Chocolate Enrobing Line

Are you looking for a way to quickly and efficiently coat your food products with delicious chocolate? If so, then look no further than an enrobing chocolate line. This particular kind of equipment is specially designed to coat the surface of many kinds of food with chocolate paste.

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Chocolate Enrobing Line

What is Chocolate Enrobing Line

SINOFUDE provided an excellent quality chocolate enrobing line. This equipment can coat chocolate paste on the surface of many kinds of foods, such as candy, cake and biscuit etc., and finally, make all kinds of chocolate products.

♦ A chocolate enrobing line is a special piece of equipment that can be used to coat the surface of many kinds of foods with chocolate paste.

♦ It consists of several components: an enrober, an overhead cooling tunnel, and an accumulator conveyor belt. The enrober is the main component, which coats the food with the desired amount of chocolate paste. The overhead cooling tunnel helps to cool off the product after it has been coated with chocolate and before it moves onto the accumulator conveyor belt, which collects the finished product.

♦ The most obvious advantage of using a chocolate enrobing line is that it allows you to quickly and efficiently coat your food products with delicious chocolate without having to manually apply it by hand.

♦ Additionally, these machines are highly reliable and require minimal maintenance, making them perfect for commercial applications where speed and efficiency are important factors.

♦ Furthermore, some models even offer features like adjustable speed settings for faster production lines and automatic temperature control for consistent results every time.

Technical Parameters

Mesh speed(m/min)1~61~61~61~6
Chilling unit (set)2345
Tunnel length(m)10141822
Cooling Temp.(C)2~102~102~102~10
Total power (kw)1012.516.522.5
Weight (kg)1800230032004050
Machine size(mm)11500×700×150017500×950×180021500×1200×180025500×1450× 180


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