Toffee Candy Depositing Line

The industrial Toffee Candy Depositing Line is a state-of-the-art machine designed to make high-quality toffee candies quickly and efficiently. This fully automated system offers an efficient method of depositing hot toffee onto molds with precision, accuracy, and speed.

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Toffee Candy Depositing Line

What is Toffee Candy Depositig Line

SINOFDE Design and Manufacture the Toffee Candy Depositing Line is an advanced and continuous plant for making different types of toffee/Fondant candy with a center filling or without filling.

A jacket-dissolving cooker or auto weighing and mixing system can be added as an option to the line, as well as a gear pump, storage tank, and special toffee cooker. Flavor and color are added to the batch at the color and flavor mixer; the depositor then deposits this mix onto cooled plates, which are moved through a cooling tunnel before being packaged.

Toffee Candy Depositing Line Technical Parameters

Candy weightAs per candy shape and size
Steam Needed0.5~0.8MPa0.5~0.8MPa0.5~0.8MPa0.5~0.8MPa
Length of Line18m20m20m22m
Machine Weight3500kg5000kg6500kg8500kg

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