Chocolate Bean Forming Machine

Our Chocolate Bean Forming Machine is designed to revolutionize your chocolate making process. This specialized equipment allows you create a variety of shapes – from spherical to lentil-shaped and more – all with high labor productivity, perfect accuracy, and smooth texture that meets food hygiene standards.

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Chocolate Bean Forming Machine

What is Chocolate Bean Forming Machine

Our Chocolate Bean Forming Machine is designed to produce succulent treats as effortlessly as possible. It offers a range of mold-shaping possibilities, from spheres and ovals to lentils – all with the assurance that every confection meets food safety standards for hygiene and accuracy in measurement.

The Chocolate Bean Forming Machines are the latest in cutting-edge technology to help make your chocolate-making process easier and more efficient. These machines are designed to eliminate the hassle of forming your beans into perfect shapes. With these machines, you can quickly form chocolate beans into any shape you desire, from spheres to bars, stars, hearts, and more!

  • The most significant advantage of using a Chocolate Bean Forming Machine is its speed and accuracy. These machines can quickly produce precise shapes with minimal effort on your part.
  • Furthermore, they can be used for large-scale production due to their versatility and efficiency. They also save time as they eliminate manual labor involved in forming chocolates which can be very time-consuming if done manually. Moreover, because the machine does all the work, there’s less risk of injury or damage caused by human error or fatigue.
  • Lastly, these machines often come with built-in safety features such as emergency stop buttons which increase overall safety when operating them.

Technical Parameters

Total power20kW
Outside dimension8620*1040*1850mm
Production ability1~1.5 ton/shift
Roller speed0.3 ~ 1.5 turn / min (adjustable)
Coolant temperature-25℃
Cooling tunnel temperature0~5℃
General power25KW (include refrigerate machine)
Outside dimension7500*1040*1840mm

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