Semi-auto Starch Mogul Line

The Semi-auto Starch Mogul Line is an efficient and cost-saving production line that manufactures high-quality and uniform starch products. This process makes it easy to upscale operations quickly and meet growing demand, as the semi-automatic nature of the system means fewer operators are required for higher throughput. The built-in conveyor system ensures reliable feeding and consistent flow of starch, ensuring a consistent end product every time.

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Semi-Auto Starch Mogul Line

What is Semi-auto Starch Mogul Line

The CLM-S Series Semi-auto starch mogul line is the perfect solution for small to medium-scale production operations. This special design is customized according to the starch mold jelly/gummy candy processing technology and consists of three main parts – a cooking unit, a starch cavities-making and depositing unit, and a de-starch and drying unit. Each part can be automated according to specific capacity requirements. This machine offers great flexibility in terms of product types, from single-color to two-color up & down, side by side, and multi-colored (optional) starch jelly or gummy candy. All of these are made with the help of PLCs and Servos (optional) that guarantee excellent quality results each time.

Semi-auto Starch Mogul Line Technical Parameters

Capacity( kg/h)150300600
Rated Speed (n/min)10~3010~3010~30
Weight of each candies(g):As per the candy size
Electric power18kw/380V28kw/380V48kw/380V
Gross weight? ( kgs)Approx.4500Approx.6500Approx.8500

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Discover the complete solution for our Semi-auto Starch Mogul Line

The Semi-auto Starch Mogul Line is a comprehensive solution, designed to provide reliable and efficient starch production. This system offers cost savings by significantly reducing the number of operators needed for higher throughputs, improved safety with its fully automated filling systems and self-sanitation, plus superior product quality with its consistent feed flow and built-in conveyor systems. With its versatile production capacity, efficiency and staff requirements being kept to an absolute minimum, the Semi-auto Starch Mogul Line is perfect for small to medium-scale operations.

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