Biscuit Sandwiching Machine

A biscuit sandwiching machine is a kind of packaging equipment which is widely used in the packing of biscuits, cookies, chips and other snacks. The machine is an ideal piece of equipment for making 2 or 3-layer biscuits. It can produce high-quality biscuits with different shapes and thicknesses.

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Biscuit Sandwiching Machine

What is Biscuit Sandwiching Machine

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Biscuit Sandwiching Machine is a packing machine. It can pack two or three-layer biscuits at one time and can also be used to put the filling into the biscuit. The product has a high degree of automation, which can save labour costs and improve efficiency.

  • 2+1 type biscuit sandwich machine
    This is a 2+1 type biscuit sandwich machine mainly used for making biscuits and sandwiches. The machine can produce sandwiching biscuits of different shapes, such as round, square and star-shaped biscuits. The main feature is that the biscuit sandwiching machine can make the base plate of the product automatically after the top plate has been made into a circle. It is easy to operate and use, so it is prevalent in all industries.
  • 3+2 type biscuit sandwiching machine
    This kind of equipment has two working functions: one is to make biscuit sandwiches; another is to pack biscuit sandwiches automatically after they are made by the first function. This equipment can save labour costs because it completes two processes simultaneously and dramatically reduces labour costs compared with traditional manual production methods.

Machines Technical Parameters

RoundDiameter: 35-65 mm, Thickness: 3-7mm.
Square BiscuitL(35-80mm)W(35-60mm) Thickness: 3-7mm.
Packing type One Layer 1piece, one layer 2 pieces, one layer 3 pieces, 2 layer 2 pieces, 2 layer 4pieces, 2 layer 6 pieces.
Sandwich Machine Power4.8 KW
Total Power8.2KW (Required customer¡¯s local voltage standard).

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