Open Type Cooking Kettles

The open-type cooking kettles are used to dissolve the raw materials and mix or cook the syrup up to 150C max for a gummy candy manufacturer. This equipment can make the process of cooking more efficient, and it also can save a lot of time and labor. If you are looking for a durable and reliable open-cooking kettle, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will offer you the best product at a competitive price.

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Open Type Cooking Kettles

What is Open Type Cooking Kettles

The open-cooking kettles are used for dissolving raw materials and mixing or cooking syrup up to 150C max. The temperature is set and automatically controlled. A scrap stirrer is installed in the open-type cooking kettles for mixing well and preventing sedimentation when cooking.

Open type cooking kettles are industrial kettles used to cook gummy candies and other food products. The kettles are typically made of stainless steel and have a steam jacket that allows for precise temperature control during the cooking process.

Capacity: Open-type cooking kettles are available in various sizes to suit different production needs. Some kettles may have a capacity of several hundred liters, while others may be smaller.

Heating system: Most open-cooking kettles are heated by steam, allowing for precise temperature control and efficient heat transfer. Some kettles may also be equipped with an electric heating system as an alternative.

Agitation: Open-cooking kettles may be equipped with an agitator, such as a paddle or propeller, to help mix the ingredients and ensure even cooking.

Controls: Modern open-type cooking kettles may be equipped with computerized controls that allow for precise temperature and time settings and automatic shut-off and alarms for safety.

Safety features: Open-cooking kettles may be equipped with various safety features, such as pressure relief valves, to prevent accidents and injuries.

Technical Parameters

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