Advanced Rasing Film Vacuum Cooker

This advance raising film vacuum cooker is designed with a sanitary and easy washing structure that is perfect for Gummy candy with CBD, THC, or Vitamin Minerals. The unit has an all-stainless steel body that is durable and easy to clean.

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Advance Rasing Film Vacuum Cooker

What is Advanced Rasing Film Vacuum Cooker

Sinofude is proud of its advanced, raising film vacuum cooking equipment that is ideal for making gummies with CBD, THC, or vitamins and minerals.

This advanced rasing film vacuum cooking equipment incorporates a syrup dosing pump, heating rasing film with a scrapper, vacuum evaporator, discharge pump, temperature pressure meter, and PLC controller.

It can accommodate various kinds of gummy candies with a total capacity of 300kg to 1000kg/hr.

The main advantages of this advanced rasing film vacuum cooking equipment are large capacity from 300kg to 1000kg/h, high transparency of gummy candy mass without air bubbles inside, easy operation by PLC touch screen frequency inverter, etc.

A PLC touchscreen frequency inverter automatically controls it, and the heating method can be steam heating or induction heating as optional.

Technical Parameters

Model Capacity(kg/h) Total power Steam requirement Vacuum Dimension Weight
11.5kW (steam), 80~100kW (induction)
upto -0.04MPa
L1600 x W1400 x H2100mm

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