CLM 150 automatic gummy making machine

The CLM 150 automatic gummy-making machine is perfect for producing high-quality gummy candies. With a capacity of up to 150 kg/hr, this machine can handle large production runs quickly and easily. It also has several safety features to ensure operator safety and product quality. The CLM 150 is the perfect choice for any gummy candy manufacturer looking for an efficient and reliable machine.

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CLM 150 automatic gummy making machine

What is CLM 150 automatic gummy making machine

The CLM 150 is an automatic gummy-making machine that can produce a wide range of gummies, including fruit-flavored, chocolate-flavored, and other flavors. This depositing line consists of a jacket dissolving cooker, gear pump, storage tank, discharging pump, color & flavor mixer, depositor, cooling tunnel, and electric control cabinet.

CLM 150 Technical Parameters

Model Capacity(kg/h) Candy weight(g) Machine length(m) Gross weight(kgs)
According to customer(Customized form 3~30g or more)

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