Batch Type CFA Adding System

This batch-type CFA-adding system is ideal for CBD, THC, or other vitamins and supplements into sticky syrup. The touch screen control touchscreen functions make it easy to operate and mix the ingredients evenly. Moreover, it is made of stainless steel, ensuring its durability and hygiene. If you are looking for a good device to add your favorite supplements to sticky syrup, this batch-type CFA-adding system would be perfect!

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Batch Type CFA Adding System

What is Batch Type CFA Adding System

Batch type CFA adding system is a special device developed by SINOFUDE.

It canes the weight and dosage of syrup, coloring, flavoring, and acid or other additive ingredients, seeing that each batch contains the same amount of every ingredient.

The batch-type CFA adding system is ideal for mixing CBD, THC, or vitamins with gummies.

Technical Parameters

Model Capacity Total power Dimension Weight
L2000 x W1200 x H1900mm

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