Automatic Gummy Candy Weighing and Mixing System

This Automatic Gummy Candy Weighing and Mixing System is the perfect addition to any gummy machine. This system accurately weighs and mixes your candy ingredients so that you can produce perfectly consistent batches every time. With this system, you`ll never have to worry about inconsistency or poor quality again. Today, invest in your business with this Automatic Gummy Candy Weighing and Mixing System.

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Automatic Gummy candy Weighing and Mixing system

What is Automatic Gummy Candy Weighing and Mixing System

SINOFUDE’s New Developed Full Automatic Gummy candy Weighing and Mixing system (Model CCL400/600/800/1200/2000A-G) offers automatic weighing, dissolving, and mixing of all raw materials, such as Pectin or Gelatin and Main sugar and Glucose and other functional ingredients with inline transport to one or more production units. It forms a basis for continuous production.

The Sugar & Pectin melted Gelatin, Glucose, and all other raw materials are automatically weighed and mixed with a PLC and HMI-controlled system. The ingredients tanks are connected through this system so the recipe can be programmed, and the ingredients weighed correctly to keep the batch going into the mixing vessel. Once the total amount of ingredients has been fed into the vessel, after mixing, the mass will be transferred into processing equipment. Many recipes can be programmed into memory for easy operation.

Technical Parameters

Steam Consumption200kg/h; 0.4MPa300kg/h; 0.4MPa400kg/h; 0.4MPa500kg/h; 0.4MPa600kg/h; 0.4MPa
Compressed Air0.5L/min, 0.6MPa0.6L/min, 0.6MPa0.7L/min, 0.6MPa0.8L/min, 0.6MPa1L/min, 0.6MPa
Gross Weight1200kg1800kg2400kg2800kg4000kg

Product Detail Presentation

Automatic Gummy Candy Kitchen System

It is a highly accurate automatic gummy candy weighing and mixing system. The machine will automatically handle the weighing and mixing of pectin/gelatin and other ingredients, dramatically reducing the labor requirement and ensuring high quality for every batch.

Automatic Gummy Candy Kitchen System 2

An automatic weighing and mixing system controls the processing of gummy candy. A PLC monitors the status of each step, and the information is displayed on an HMI.

Automatic Gummy Candy Kitchen System 2

Automatic Gummy candy Mixing and Weighing System, METTLER TOLEDO load cells installed for accuracy.

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