Tunnel Oven

This tunnel oven features energy efficient design with high-temperature uniformity and modern insulation properties – allowing users to produce large batches of consistently shaped and evenly cooked food. The compact size and easy installation process make the oven suitable for any sized business, while the advanced controls ensure precision and accuracy throughout the entire production process. Discover our Tunnel Oven today and enjoy quick, consistent results anytime!

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Tunnel Oven

What is Tunnel Oven

Tunnel ovens are specialized mechanical equipment used in the food processing industry to bake food using heat conduction, convection, and radiation. These ovens are typically very long, ranging in length from 6 meters to 80 meters. They consist of a long, narrow baking chamber, usually 80cm to 140cm wide, with a continuous conveyor system inside. The food is baked as it moves along the conveyor, coming into contact with electric heating elements or direct burning rods. This creates relative movement between the food and the heating source, allowing for uniform baking and conveyance. Tunnel ovens can be fueled by natural gas, liquefied gas, electricity, or diesel. They offer a large capacity, fast production speed, high-quality results, and accurate control. Some tunnel ovens, particularly those powered by diesel, may require a hot air circulation system.

Tunnel Oven Technical Parameters

ModelCapacityOven lengthTemperature ZonesNatural gas consumptionDiesel consumptionPower consumption

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Discover the complete solution for our Tunnel Oven

Our Tunnel Oven provides a comprehensive solution for large-scale food production. The advanced design and superior insulated properties create an efficient environment that ensures uniform heating, fast baking times and consistent results. With its easy installation process and advanced control systems, users can produce high-quality products without needing to worry about precision or accuracy. Discover the complete solution for your Tunnel Oven today and enjoy quick, consistent results anytime!

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